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Dear fellow task-based enthusiasts, teachers, researchers, and students:


Whatever your focus and level of involvement with task-based language teaching and learning (TBLT), we welcome you to the Indiana University TBLT support site. The primary purpose of this site is to provide a central resource community for those who are teaching TBLT courses (graduate and undergraduate) as well as language courses within a TBLT framework. While not the primary purpose of the site, the tasks posted here can also be used for research purposes (please see for tasks from published, peer-reviewed studies).


On our site, you will find:


We hope this page becomes a place for all to share task-based and task-supported teaching materials. Please send any and all materials to our email address ( We will credit your work and provide your email to facilitate greater conversation and collaboration regarding task-based and task-supported language teaching. Additionally, should you have suggestions on how to improve or expand this site, we welcome your feedback.


We hope that this site addresses a need in the TBLT community and provides valuable and accessible teaching resources for those interested in doing more with TBLT in their unique contexts.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Very best,


Laura Gurzynski-Weiss, PhD

Indiana University TBLT Support Site Faculty Director


Carly Henderson, PhD Candidate

Site Creator


Ángel Milla-Muñoz, PhD Candidate

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