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To cite this database

General citation

Gurzynski-Weiss, L., & IATBLT (n.d.). The TBLT Language Learning Task Bank. https://tblt.indiana.edu

Specific task citation

Task author name (n.d.). Task title here. In L. Gurzynski-Weiss,  & IATBLT (n.d.). The TBLT Language Learning Task Bank. Direct link of task here. Date of access.

Example of specific task citation

Serafini, E. J. (n.d.). Stakeholder interview task. In L. Gurzynski-Weiss,  & IATBLT (n.d.). The TBLT Language Learning Task Bank. https://tblt.indiana.edu/tasks/details.html?id=7. Retrieved 25 August 2020.

The creation of the current database was made possible by the International Association for Task-based Language Teaching and Learning (IATBLT.org), who provided the funding and invaluable and enthusiastic advisory support. Credit for programming is due to Jonathan May.

The original database was created at Indiana University in 2014 by Laura Gurzynski-Weiss, Carly Carver (Augusta University), and Ángel Milla Muñoz as part of a doctoral seminar on TBLT taught by Laura Gurzynski-Weiss.